Our Service

GGS recognizes that our most valuable asset is our people as it is they who ultimately describes the quality of our service. GGS owes its success to the outstanding dedication, teamwork and commitment of its people. Identifying the right employees’ forms is an essential part of our service strategy – candidates for security officers and have a strong desire are rewarded Terms and Conditions which are unparalleled in the industry. In addition to wages, employees also profit from a good benefit package and the ability to work for a company that cares about the individual.

In 2011, Gurkha Guard Services Limited was found by Ex-Army personnel in Hong Kong. GGS is providing Premium guarding service around in Hong Kong & able to assure its high quality service to customer‘s specific requirements by providing on site tailor-made training by experience Operations Supervisors and management.

Protection Is Our Profession

Gurkha Guard Service Limited was incorporates in 2016 and has adopted the business strategy of interfacing technical expertise with distinguished customer service. We offer reliable performance through computer controlled electronic equipment to provide the public with the protection of property security and life safety. Throughout long years of business our slogan has been – PROTECTION IS OUR PROFESSION.

We have first rated departments in office administration, security consultant, sales, engineering, R & D, alarm receiving center, system design, and product support and customer service. Our scope of activities categorize in three categories which will set a new standard in the industry, one of uncompromising quality as a way of life which personal and as a team will meet.

1. Residential Security

Trained, professional and experienced guards for safeguarding and monitoring premises. We deliver security guards who are well trained in preventing theft, violence or infractions of rules.

2. Commercial Security

Keeping your commercial sites secure is extremely important for doing business. Security personnel have a vital role in the maintenance and security of commercial sites. We help to protect business or commercial property against theft, fire and other damages with the help of security equipment such as iron bars, locks, video monitoring cameras and computer security software.

3. Industrial Security

We provide 24/7 basic security services in protecting industrial raw materials, resources, finished goods and other properties against loss, damages or fire. With on-site supervision and use of security measures, we prevent the damages of large number of industrial goods and documents.

4. Hotel Security

Safety and security of guests and staffs are essential in hotels. We monitor the hotels through video surveillance system and security personnel. This way we help in preventing thefts, criminal activities and other damages.

5. Mobile Patrols

Our security services include patrolling. We patrol places of entertainment and specific areas to preserve order among patrons and protect properties. We also monitor construction sites and similar locations.

6. Body Guard Service

GGS is providing Premium Guarding Services, Body Guard around in Hong Kong & able to assure its high quality service to customer ‘Specific’ requirements by providing on- site tailor made training by experience Operations Supervisors and Management. We offer:

  • VIP and Celebrity Protection
  • Individual-in- need Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Personal Close Protection
  • Event Security
  • Venue Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Security Consultancy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Overseas Travelling Escort
  • Security Courier
  • Airport/BCP Meet and Greet

Centre Console

GGS has 24 hours Control Centre to support and communicate with frontline staffs. All security officers are required to report to our control Centre for their wellbeing. GGS has invested heavily in Control Centre Management to ensure the safety of frontline operations staffs, which is often classed as the heart of any large contract runs smoothly and efficiently.